How to participate?

Participating in the Virtual TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2020 is possible via the Official Virtual Run App powered by TCS. This is how it works:

1. Download the Virtual Run App in the Google Play Store or App Store. Search for ‘TCS Amsterdam Marathon’.

2. To register your Virtual Run you need to log in to the app via the ‘My Virtual Run’ button in the menu. Here you log in with your bib number which have been assigned by us and the date of birth that you specified during your registration. You can find these details in the registration confirmation.

3. After the login screen, first choose ‘skip’ via the yellow bar at the bottom of the screen. You have to connect your Strava account on the day you are going to complete your Virtual Run. See further explanation about this in step 5.

4. Make a course yourself in your own environment for the distance that you have chosen (8K, half marathon or full marathon). Avoid running in very small loops, because the GPS signal of your sports watch or tracker may not always be accurate enough. Share the course with your family and friends for support and care on the way (for example via WhatsApp). Live tracking for supporters is not possible via the Virtual Run App.

5. Create your personal bib number in the app. Print the bib number and pin it on during your Virtual Run. You can also share the bib number online with your supporters.

6. We use Strava to register your finish time. Important! Connect your Strava account not earlier than on the day you will complete your Virtual Run. You can connect your account on the Strava-authentication screen, hereby you give the app permission to collect the data of your running activities. After you have previously logged in via the ‘My Virtual Run’ button, you will find the Strava-authentication screen via the three dots at the top right of your screen. Don’t have a Strava account yet? You can create one for free, otherwise you are not able to use the Virtual Run App. Don’t forget to confirm the Strava verification URL received on your email addres.

7. After connecting your Strava account, the Virtual Run App automatically generates the next running activity that you complete in Strava. Once you have successfully completed the race, the app will not consider other run details performed by you during the race week. You will be only able to see the first successful race data into the app.

8. Run your chosen distance between 18 October (00:00:00 UTC/GMT +2 hours) and 25 October 2020 (23:59:59 UTC/GMT +1 hours). Pausing your activity in between is permitted, however the distance must be completed as an interconnected run.

9. Use a sports watch for the registration of your end time. Synchronize your watch with Strava in order to upload your time in the Virtual Run App. Don’t have a sports watch? Make sure to bring your phone during your run and use the ‘recording’ function of the Strava app.

10. Afterwards download your digital medal, a digital finish certificate and/or create your personal digital poster via the Smart Medal app.

11. If you ordered a medal and/or Mizuno Race Shirt at the time of registration, it will be mailed to your home address no later than 31 October.