Start & finish TCS 8 km

TCS 8 km participants should take their place in one of the starting pens. These pens are situated in Stadionweg, next to Stadionplein. Each starting pen corresponds with an expected finishing time. If you have not declared an estimated finishing time, you will be automatically placed in the last starting pen. The colour of your bib number corresponds to the colour of your starting pen.

Start time Color Group
10.10 uur Wit Time < 50.00, TCS employess and relations
10.15 uur Geel Le Champion members, participants groups, Business Run and Charity
10.20 uur Roze Time > 50.00

Participants finish at the Olympic Stadium, just before the seats of honor. At the finish, you will receive a sports drink and a medal. After crossing the finish line, we ask that you please keep moving. You are not permitted to return or to cross the finish line again for any reason.

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