Every runner knows that you have to train for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. Good preparation consists not only of a large number of training kilometres. Even in October it sometimes can be unexpectedly hot. In this case a lot of drinking during and after the effort and wearing functional clothing is a necessity, but also in advance it is important take a lot of liquid. We advise you to practise drinking during your training sessions, to bring water from home with you before the marathon and to drink before the start regularly. Running is good for your condition, but it also makes demands on your health. Training with expert coaches with experienced runners and a medical sports test will contribute to a successful (half) marathon.

On the day of the event

  1. Bring your participants brochurewith you as it contains useful information about the event.
  2. Utilise the service at the start/finish and along the way. See here for the care on offer and where you can find the Red Cross stations. You will be given food and drinks at the stations on route, but make sure you have enough food/drink for use before and after the event.
  3. Observe the rules of conduct
  4. If you take medication or have a chronic illness or condition, do not forget to mention this on the back of your bib number. 
  5. Advice on fluid use during sports events.

Take care of yourself and your fellow runners 
The TCS Amsterdam Marathon involves thousands of runners at the same time.  It is important that everyone crosses the finish healthily. If you see a runner who is no longer acting responsibly, speak to him or her, or warn a member of the organization or the Red Cross.

Run on the right, overtake on the left
As in traffic, this rule also applies to running in large groups. Keep to the right of the road as much as possible so that faster runners can overtake on the left.

Dispose of waste in the bin
Dispose of cups and fruit residues in the designated waste bin, for example at the care stations

Leave the toilet in a tidy state
Following use, please leave the toilet as tidy as possible by not depositing anything outside of the toilet bowl.

Follow instructions provided by the organisation
Follow instructions provided by the organisation at all times, without debate. 

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