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  • Bib number: supply & demand 2019

Bib number: supply & demand 2019

Are you unable to participate or are you still looking for a bibnumber for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon? Then put your request underneath this message.

Transfer bib number
If you have found someone who wants to take over your bibnumber or someone who wants to sell their bibnumber to you, then you can transfer the bibnumber to another participant till the 18th of October 11.59 am (this is only possible online, the name on the bibnumber itself will always remain the name of the participant who bought the bibnumber in the first place. You don’t receive a new bibnumber).

Transferring your bibnumber can be done through your personal account. In your account, choose the option ‘start transfer’. You have received your password for your account in the confirmation email of your registration. The transfer is at your own risk.