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Abdi Nageeye sets new Dutch marathon record

Nageeye added extra excitement to the marathon by running a new Dutch record of 2.08.16. Thanks to his strong final sprint towards the finish, Nageeye ran five seconds faster than the previous record set by Kamiel Maase.

The Dutch marathon runner Abdi Nageeye was aiming for a time under 2.09. He crossed the halfway mark in 64.07. Nageeye talks about his performance in the race: ‘I wasn’t happy with my time at the halfway mark, but I stayed focused on kilometre times of 3.01/3.03. After 30km, I was really in my stride and I knew it couldn’t go wrong. At the 38/39km mark, I knew that I could grab another 10 seconds. Everything was perfect today: the weather the group… My preparation was perfect and I really showed that today’, he said.

After the press conference, the previous record holder Kamiel Maase made a surprise appearance and presented him with a silver trophy. The symbolic Dutch record trophy was previously passed on to Masse by Gerard Nijboer. The previous Dutch record of 2.08.21 was also run in Amsterdam, in 2007.

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