Le Champion encourages people to run for charity. So everyone who participates in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon can raise money for a worthy cause. That way you are not only running for yourself but also supporting those in need! You can do it in three ways.

Do you want to register as a charity for the TCS Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon or the TCS 8 km? Click here for more information.

1. Donate when registering online

The official charity of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon is Cancer Center Amsterdam. All individual participants can make a voluntary donation to the event’s chosen charity when registering online.

Support the TCS Amsterdam Marathon in its efforts to raise money for cancer research at Cancer Center Amsterdam.

Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) is the official beneficiary of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. “We are proud to have been chosen as the event’s charity partner. It will enable us to draw more attention to the importance of cancer research. One in three people develop cancer at some point in their lives and almost 50,000 people die of cancer every year in the Netherlands. The money raised by the marathon will allow us to be more effective in our mission to extend the life expectancy of cancer patients,” said Professor Geert Kazemier, Director of VUmc CCA Foundation.

CCA aims to prevent and cure cancer. At CCA clinicians and researchers across 30 disciplines work together to ensure that patients with (suspected) cancer receive expert treatment as soon as possible. CCA conducts research on new treatments and diagnostic methods and offers patients the best possible personalised medical care and attention based on the latest scientific evidence.  The medical center invests in cutting-edge research and the most advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Patients receive the most effective treatment and care. This ensures both the best chance of a cure and the best possible quality of life.

2. Run with a charity team

Individuals who want to take part in the TCS Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon or the TCS 8K can do a sponsored run with a charity team. Companies can also support a charity in this way. Besides supporting the charity, there are other good reasons to run with a charity team. The benefits include a better starting position, a team photo and exclusive acces to the Business square. 

If you want to do a sponsored run with a charity team, click here for more information and to register.

You need to register directly with the charity and will be allowed to join a team if you can guarantee to raise a minimum sponsorship amount. Each charity sets its own minimum sponsorship amount. You can personally donate a certain amount per kilometre and you can also ask your friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances to sponsor you per kilometre. Together we should be able to raise an impressive amount!

The charities for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon aren’t known yet. When this is clear, the charities will be showed on this page.

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Charity teams

3. Raise donations through Pifworld

Pifworld is a donation platform that makes it easy for participants to raise money for your charity. But it also allows you to do a lot more. As a non-profit, you can add projects and events, build a community around your organisation, advertise vacancies and team up with schools and businesses.

Create a free page for your non-profit here, so your participants can start raising money right away. All donations made through Pifworld go straight to the non-profit. We’d like to help! If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Harmen at