Start & finish Mizuno Half Marathon

Start location: Stadionweg

Starting areas
Mizuno half marathon participants should take their place in one of the starting area. These areas are situated in Stadionweg. The areas are accessible via the Stadionplein. Each starting area corresponds with an expected finishing time. If you have not declared an estimated finishing time, you will be automatically placed in the last starting area. The colour of your bib number corresponds to the colour of your starting area.

Start time Color starting area Group
13.20 White Time < 1.40.00
13.26 Yellow Business Run, TCS employees and relations,
Le Champion members, participants groups
13.32 Pink Time between 1.40.01 – 1.50.00
13.38 Orange Time between 1.50.01 – 2.00.00
13.44 Green Time between 2.00.01 – 2.10.00
13.50 Blue Time > 2.10.00


Participants finish at the Olympic Stadium, just before the seats of honor. At the finish, you will receive a medal and heat sheat. Outside the Olympic Stadium you will receive a bottle of ISOSTAR and fruit. After crossing the finish line, please try to keep moving.

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