Care 8 K

Service posts
There will be a sponge and water station along the route, handing out water and sportsdrink (ISOSTAR) as well as fruit to the marathon runners. Toilet and first-aid facilities will also be available.

– 5 km – ISOSTAR – bananas – water – sponge
– finish – ISOSTAR – fruit – water – sponge

Medical aid
There will be several Red Cross employees on hand to care for your physical safety before, during, and after the run and a team from the Dutch Sports Massage Society (Nederlands Genootschap van Sportmassage) will offer extensive sports massages at Sporthallen Zuid. The use of these services is free. If you require medical aid during the race, please make your way to the next sponge and first-aid station where Red Cross staff can assist you. For emergencies, there will also be a first-aid station behind the finish.